Increase visibility and accuracy  of the supply chain by providing real-time visibility to product flow with SmartX HUB RFID

Reduce the time it takes to make important supply chain decisions by providing access to real-time information

Driving efficiencies throughout your supply chain and increasing the velocity of items through the supply chain from creation to the consumer is more than a business mandate today; it’s a matter of business survival. If your company doesn’t do it, your competition will.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a true next-generation technology — ready, available and being implemented today — that is transforming how companies manage and extract more business value from their supply chain operations.

Whether your focus is in manufacturing, wholesale distribution, retailing, travel and transportation or throughout government, RFID will drive profitability, increase revenue, reduce operating expenses, and shrink inventory levels. It promises to have the same, if not more, business impact as bar code technology, which automated global supply chains and created industry leaders in its early adopters a generation ago.

RFID directly affects a company’s bottom line by creating new value in the supply chain, synchronizing the movement of materials and products all along the way. It allows companies to:

Solving Problems with SmartX HUB RFID

Collapsing the supply chain — shrinking the time it takes for finished products to get from the front end of manufacturing, through distribution and transportation, to the shelves of a store and into the hands of the consumer — impacts the bottom line for all businesses. Master the supply chain and succeed; fall behind and fail.

The supply chain has been affected by various technologies over the years. Few, if any, have had the promise of SmartX HUB RFID. Unlike other technologies that might have provided incremental benefits, SmartX HUB RFID can significantly increase the speed of information and maximize supply chain efficiencies.

Smartx HUB RFID allows users to know the location and status of RFID-tagged containers, pallets, cartons, or individual assets. Unlike a bar code, which must be visually located and scanned for on-demand operation, an “always-on” RFID tag awaits the reader signal to access real-time critical business information at any time.

What makes RFID different from bar coding?

RFID technology is a natural fit for some applications offering incremental benefits and works in a complementary fashion or partners with bar codes in others. Although RFID tags and bar codes provide similar data capture functionality, there are several differences:

RFID and rapid adoption

Why is RFID suddenly so vital to the supply chain? What’s driving companies to scrutinize RFID? And most importantly, is it viable today? RFID has generated excitement in the industry because of the promise of dramatic business and operational benefits. The rapid adoption of RFID is being driven by companies that are facing both external and internal pressures.


Industry 4.0 and IIoT may be transforming the manufacturing and logistics sectors, but the need for quality assurance is driving innovation and cultivating competition. Change is already underway, and manufacturers and suppliers are integrating visibility solutions into the plant floor to increase quality,  expedite production and reduce costs.

Critical efforts include instituting more gates along the production line, enabling automated communication between suppliers and manufacturers, and deploying advanced technologies to empower workers and decision-making. All are strategic steps companies are embracing to realize the brilliant warehouse of the future.


The SmartX HUB, an automated shipment verification system, tracks shipments at the speed of operations and eliminates the need to stop and check a load for barcodes to scan. Dramatically increase efficiency with an automated system that keeps a team moving at work speed. 


Read tags on pallets, cases, or items and alert teams when a shipment is incomplete, contains the wrong items, or is loaded on the wrong truck. Extend verification from staging to loading to eliminate any opportunity for error.

SmartX HUB your partner for RFID solutions

Now is the right time to invest in RFID. Choosing the right vendor for your enterprise operations is a critical business decision that will impact your bottom line, and the right decision will mean the difference between implementation success or failure.

SmartX HUB’s RFID expertise goes beyond products, and SmartX HUB understands the supply chain and has the deep vertical market expertise to ensure proper system design. Alongside our partners, we’ve focused on just that — helping companies implement solutions that enhance the efficiency of their supply chain.

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