With RFID technology, elaborate and expensive check out/in and counting by hand is no longer necessary.

The burgeoning demand bodes well for construction companies of all sizes, but as more opportunities for jobs arise and the competition for each contract heats up, the efficiency of equipment and asset management will likely turn out to be one of the biggest factors that make or break success.

Managing equipment continues to be a critical challenge for companies in construction, from keeping track of assets across multiple job sites to preventing equipment theft and proactively keeping assets in optimal condition.

By using our centralized RFID Asset equipment tracking software system that provides access via mobile device, construction firms can:

Reduce downtime through proactive maintenance

Properly maintaining construction equipment is one of the most important efforts a construction firm can undertake to maintain productivity and profitability. But it can also be one of the trickiest, given the sheer volume of assets owned or rented at one time and the fact that many firms still rely on manual recordkeeping to stay on top of service and repairs.

In today’s competitive construction industry, it’s imperative that every piece of equipment is proactively maintained, so it doesn’t fall out of service in the middle of a job. When that happens, the company doesn’t just have an asset problem— they have a labor problem.

For example, if 5-10 employees are working on or around a crane, and that crane breaks, all those people stop working to the detriment of the project timeline and costs, profit margins, and the bottom line. 

Smartx HUB Platform can help construction companies get ahead of maintenance issues by:


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Improving asset security

Save time and labor through automation

One of the main reasons the bottom line gets drained is because of asset theft and misplacement. Construction Global quotes, “500 machines are stolen monthly from construction and rural sites, costing the industry £1 million a day.”
Gain item-level data about every asset to ensure important tools and equipment don’t get lost, misplaced, or stolen. By keeping up-to-date on your tools' whereabouts, you can reduce overall inventory levels while ensuring adequate supplies across all locations.

Get the tools you need, when and where needed

With the software, you can exactly know where your assets are kept. It also lets you know the exact location of an asset. It saves assets from theft and misplacement.
A lot of time is wasted on employees as they keep on looking for the asset when asset misplacement occurs. As a result, delay in operation occurs, and productivity decreases. Ensure compliance with maintenance schedules and product recalls with visibility into an asset's inventory, location, and history. Enable teams with the tools and assets needed when and where there is demand. Reduce frustration across the team by enabling them to perform work efficiently.

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